BoardBookit FinancesOnline Awards for BoardBook Excellence

BoardBookit Wins FinancesOnline Awards

Recognized for Product Excellence BoardBookit is happy to announce that it has received both the 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Certificate provided by FinancesOnline for its dedication to creating real boardbook solutions. FinancesOnline awards...

oardbookit corporate board strategy

Keeping the Focus on Corporate Board Strategy

Corporate boards deal with a true spectrum of company issues. From acquisition decisions to compliance to high level hiring, strategy is, and should be, top of mind. Meanwhile, qualified board members are almost inevitably strapped for time and energy with other commitments.How can busy directors maximize their time to effectively strategize for the companies they represent?

oardbookit board portal training

The Straight Skinny on Board Portal Training

Training and support are crucial components when taking on any new software implementation, and concerns about training being overly burdensome can often put a new software acquisition on hold. But there’s a good rule of thumb to use when adopting a new software solution for your organization — If your solution requires weeks of training and implementation, it’s probably not very easy to use. Board portal software is no exception.

Boardbookit marion lewis 03

A New Year’s Message from BoardBookit’s CEO

The following message is from BoardBookit CEO, Marion Lewis. Five years ago, BoardBookit was formed because we believed that board governance tools should be accessible to everyone. At the time, companies had limited choices that included board portals that were...

BoardBookit acquiring board members talent

The Art of Acquiring Board Talent

According to PwC’s Annual Corporate Directors Survey, 35% of directors think a board member needs to be replaced. There can be many reasons for replacing a board member including not being prepared for meetings, not having the right expertise, or age. In addition to...