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Board administrators that are charged with the governance function of a company know that preparing for board meetings is only part of the job. They juggle countless forms to track compliance and regulatory requirements all while ensuring the board members are informed and happy. Watch the BoardBookit board administration video to see how to manage your board and maintain governance efficiently.

We Put the Power in Your Hands

BoardBookit provides a simple way to ensure board members have quick access to agendas, board books, notes, annotations, and scheduling features like Calendar Sync. BoardBookit doesn’t forget about the work board administrators do to make this happen. Robust calendar features allow admins to schedule meetings far in advance or poll the board members for their availability, track responses, and communicate by groups. Updating spreadsheets and other cumbersome processes are a difficulty of the past. BoardBookit put the power in your hands because waiting for IT or a vendor creates a bottleneck that busy professionals don’t have time for.

Manage users and groups with ease in the BoardBookit Admin Console. Reset passwords, manage directory information, and track custom information such as term limits, special interests, and more. Access this information at any time when making important decisions regarding administration, compliance issues, and diversity. Avoid delays in making decisions by uploading resolutions to BoardBookit and allowing board members to electronically sign documents. Administrators can monitor member completion, even set expiration dates.

BoardBookit allows administrators to create the agenda and board book as people submit documents. With drag and drop functionality there is no need to worry about hyperlinks or making last minute changes.

BoardBookit, trusted by companies worldwide, is a board room empowerment platform designed to transform the way companies plan, create and manage board meetings AND the way board members experience them. Finished watching the board administration video to see how BoardBookit can streamline your board? Schedule a live demo to learn more.

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