Board Portal Adoption Toolkit

Board Portal Buyers Toolkit

A Collection of Best Practices for Selecting a Board Portal Provider

The right board portal software can improve governance best practices by efficiently blending collaboration, ease of use, and security. The board portal landscape is crowded, but finding the right vendor is easy with our interactive and informative board portal buyer’s toolkit. We’ve included the essential questions to ask during your search, what to expect from mobile board portal applications, and how to successfully make the change to a board portal.

Get three helpful resources in a simple download and start evaluating board portal software today: 10 Questions to Ask when Buying Board Portal Software, Features You Should Expect from Mobile Board Meeting Apps, and Successful Board Portal Adoption Guide.

In this Free Toolkit, Learn More About:

  • 10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Board Portal

  • Key Features You Should Expect From Mobile Board Portal Apps

  • How Usability Creates a Rich Experience for Mobile App Users

  • Optimal Approach for Training Your Board on New Board Portal Software

  • Tips and Tactics to Help Your Board Love Their New Board Portal

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