The Straight Skinny on Board Portal Training

Board Portal Training with BoardBookit

The Truth About Board Portal Training

You decided to take the leap either to move from paper/pdf board materials to a board portal or to move from a board portal “pioneer” to a newer provider like BoardBookit. This change has come about for any number of reasons – you want to spend far less time compiling and distributing board books, security is your top priority and email isn’t cutting it, the cost of your current solution is exorbitant, or other reasons. Now that you’ve decided to move to an updated technology that is distributed via a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, why stick with the same type of training you’ve done in the past?  Board portal training should be simple and easy.

Board Portal Training Should Be Easy

The main benefits of moving to a SaaS model are rapid deployment, low maintenance, free upgrades, and easy configuration. Shouldn’t your training approach also evolve to be easier and quicker? In fact, if your board portal solution requires expensive on-site board portal training, I would venture to say it’s not intuitive or easy to use.

Board Portal Training Should Be Modern

Software implementations that are custom or unique to every customer require weeks of set up, paper manuals, and eye-blurring training sessions. A truly user-focused SaaS solution should provide board portal training in the same effective, yet simple way the software is deployed.

At BoardBookit we understand that time is money and incorporate ease of use into our board portal software to ensure an easy transition for every member of the board regardless of their technical expertise. Read more about how SaaS training is easier and less expensive than traditional technology implementations.

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