BoardBookit Security Overview

BoardBookit Security Overview Whitepaper

Top-Notch Board Portal Security at Every Level

Stringent industry-based security standards were used to design and build BoardBookit, and those same standards are used to maintain it. Download your own copy of the BoardBookit security overview for more details about how you can best protect your sensitive board business with BoardBookit.

In this BoardBookit Security Overview, Learn More About:

  • Security

  • High-level architecture

  • Encryption

  • Physical security

  • Availability, disaster recovery, and backups

  • Product security

  • Personnel security

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BoardBookit Reviews | Innovation Works

“ The BoardBookit software is a ‘must have’ for any organization that has a board of directors. It saves companies time and money, and makes serving on a board a whole lot easier. If you’re a tech CEO, you should definitely check this out. ”

Rich Lunak

President and CEO