BoardBookit Surveys Transforms D&O Questionnaires and Complex Board Assessments

PITTSBURGH, PA – June 6, 2019 (EIN Presswire)BoardBookit is proud to announce the launch of BoardBookit Surveys, a fully integrated solution for governance professionals to create, complete, and securely submit D&O questionnaires, conflict of interest surveys, board assessments and any other surveys.

BoardBookit Surveys has a number of solutions for both board administrators, corporate secretaries, and general counsel.

“Surveys not only allows for seamless creation of complex governance assessments including D&O questionnaires, but it also provides an easy experience for organizing compliance data,” says BoardBookit CEO, Marion Lewis. “Corporate secretaries and general counsel will find it easy to build questionnaires using multiple question and answer styles as well as legally eSigned documentation for reporting purposes.”

Surveys also revolutionizes the assessment process for executives, board members, and other stakeholders that participate in key governance practices. “We’ve taken a time-consuming and redundant process for governance professionals and made it easy to navigate on any device,” explains BoardBookit CTO, Jeanette Thomas. “Users will now have customized questionnaires that will only require an answer if it pertains to them or their role in the organization.”

BoardBookit Surveys is the newest addition to a fully unified board portal software solution. The ability to create and complete sophisticated questionnaires with fully integrated functionality further empowers governance leaders to make impactful decisions on a daily basis.

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BoardBookit is a secure board portal software, architected by corporate governance professionals to transform the way companies engage and collaborate with their board. By providing a unified solution for preparing and managing board meetings, file sharing, electronic voting, eSignatures and more, companies increase efficiency and save time. Trusted by more than 10,000 board members worldwide, BoardBookit ensures a streamlined and persistent partnership between organization executives and their board of directors. For more information, please visit

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