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BoardBookit’s Buy One, Give One – A Nonprofit Board Portal Software Program

Earlier this year BoardBookit quietly started a Buy One, Give One nonprofit board portal software program giving away one no-cost nonprofit BoardBookit subscription for every new enterprise edition customer we sign up. We let the customer decide which nonprofit they want to support. We think this is a great way for businesses to contribute to organizations in a way that will meaningfully improve nonprofit board governance. But its more than that.

Just like businesses, nonprofit organizations with more effective, efficient boards, tend to be more successful. And many nonprofits struggle to balance the needs of good governance with the demands of serving their mission. Every dollar spent on printing and mailing board packets is one dollar less they can spend on services and programs. Every hour Executive Directors and staff members spend preparing board documents and administering board business is less time they have to serve their communities.

Nonprofits that use BoardBookit have more time and money to devote to their mission, earning a quick and constant return on their investment. That’s precisely why so many nonprofits have signed up with BoardBookit nonprofit board portal software program. Its also a reason we have purposely made BoardBookit affordable for them.

Yet we wanted to do more and help more nonprofits get on board. Through Buy One, Give One, our Enterprise Edition customers have another way to make their investments in BoardBookit go even further. This is a direct investment in nonprofits that can improve governance and help them better meet their missions and serve good causes we and our customers believe in.

To learn more about BoardBookit or the Buy One, Give One nonprofit board portal software program, contact us or sign up for a demo with one of our specialists.

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