BoardBookit Expands Reporting Capabilities with Enhanced Attendance Functionality

Board Administrators benefit from powerful attendance-taking and reporting capabilities within the secure BoardBookit platform available anytime on any device.

PITTSBURGH, PA USA, – December 6, 2018 (EIN Presswire)BoardBookit, a leading provider of board governance solutions, has expanded their reporting functionality with attendance tracking. This new feature is phase one of BoardBookit’s plan to further enhance the functionality of their exclusive reporting features. Attendance allows administrators to take attendance, view attendance records, and report group attendance on any device in the secure BoardBookit board portal platform.

Board attendance tracking is critical for board administrators, corporate secretaries, and other governance professionals to properly manage both formal and informal attendance policies including remote attendance, quorums, and engagement with ease. “Tracking attendance is critical for boards to make informed, inclusive decisions and foster board engagement,” says Marion Lewis, BoardBookit CEO. “This new BoardBookit enhancement expands our already robust reporting features to drive better governance in the BoardBookit cloud.”

“ This new BoardBookit enhancement expands our already robust reporting features to drive better governance in the BoardBookit cloud. ” says Marion Lewis, BoardBookit CEO.

BoardBookit Attendance functionality allows administrators to:

  • Take attendance in any of our web-based or mobile apps

  • Import RSVPs or take attendance manually

  • Choose attendance type: in person, remotely or via proxy

  • Add guests even if they were not on the original invite

  • Populate attendance directly into BoardBookit’s Minutes feature

The new enhanced Reporting area also allows administrators to export attendance reports by:

  • Individual

  • Group/Committee

  • Meeting

  • All Users

“Attendance is just the beginning of BoardBookit’s new reporting enhancements which are always designed with feedback from our esteemed customers,” continues Marion Lewis. “In 2019 BoardBookit will be rolling out additional reporting capabilities to further improve governance and oversight for current and future customers.”

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