Feature rich tools for managing your boards

BoardBookit has a rich feature set of tools that make board administration more powerful and easier than ever.

Scheduling and preparing for board meetings, managing board communications, and board compliance have become a snap.

Easy and Powerful Board Management

Enjoy one central, easy-to-use platform for creating and distributing board materials.

Set up and maintenance is a breeze

No need to wait for IT or BoardBookit to create users, assign to committees, or secure assets. Control is in your board administrator’s hands.

Cut Board Administration Time and Cost

Reduce labor, printing, and mailing costs by eliminating manual board administration tasks.

Calculate your ROI.

World Class Support

Our support staff is standing by to answer any questions or help in anyway.

Enterprise customers enjoy 24/7 support 365 days a year.

“My new-user experience with BoardBookit was remarkably uneventful. Our account was created in a few minutes, and I downloaded the app and started using it with no training – in fact, I hadn’t even seen a demonstration. It was incredibly easy to use out of the gate. From start to finish, it took less than half the time it would have taken me to accomplish the same things the old way.”

Lee Ann Munger

Administrator, PowerLink

Board Administrators Manage Board Books on One Page

Manage Your Board Book On One Page

BoardBookit takes the time and effort out of creating board books.

With one-page board book creation that uses drag and drop technology to create agenda items, board books are created quickly and efficiently. Features such as multiple file-type upload, simple document replacement for last minute changes, the ability to add notes, and options for cover letters, page separators, and more make creating and maintaining board books a breeze.

Electronic Signatures

BoardBookit’s Approvals feature is perfect for those times when important decisions require sign off by board members outside of normal board meetings (Unanimous Written Consent).

Approvals can be used to upload any documents that require an electronic signature. This can include items such as stockholder distributions, equity grants or transfers, employee benefit adoption, and more.

Board Administrators Electronic Signatures
Custom Reporting Enhances Board Administrators

Custom Profile Fields For Better Reporting

Create and edit custom fields to include information that is important to your organization such as demographics, bios, and more.

All user profile information, including custom fields, can be exported as a fully editable report.

Administrator features at a glance

Easily access all of the features of BoardBookit from one intuitive dashboard. See upcoming meetings at a glance and quickly access links to manage your users, document repository, financials and more.

Schedule Meetings

Scheduling meetings is no longer a tedious task. Create a full board meeting, standing committee meeting, or ad hoc committee in minutes within BoardBookit and sync it to your organizations’ calendar with one click. When you’re not sure of your directors’ availability, but need to schedule a meeting, suggest dates/times and monitor their responses on a clean, easy to read dashboard.

Publish News and Announcements

Need to get information out to the Board fast? Quickly post a press release, announcement, or just a one-line update.

Advanced Compliance Controls

Control ability to print, download and annotate documents. Customizable document retention.


Permissions for Content Viewing

Granular Permissions can be set almost anywhere within BoardBookit, including agenda items, document folders, polls, financials, and more

Create and Manage a Board Roster

User management in BoardBookit is powerful—yet easy—by placing the control in your hands. Users are searchable and can be filtered by group before exporting for external uses. Adding/deleting, resetting passwords, and including executive assistants help to make your tasks easy to accomplish.


Secure Document Storage

Add board materials so members have an easy and reliable access point for bylaws, policies and archives. One central repository makes access simple and convenient for you and your board.


Multiple Boards Single Sign On

You can simply toggle between boards if you are managing more than one.

Notification Control

Choose to enable a Daily Digest email summarizing new activity. Ability to send individual notifications on-demand with or without custom notes from your administrators.

Ready to get started?

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