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Benefit from the BoardBookit experience with secure paperless access to board materials and management on any device, anywhere, at any time – even when an internet connection is unavailable. Key integrated enhancements like board meeting minutes, electronic voting technology, and live discussions are also included within the board portal platform for every organization and always function on the newest release. Track attendance, vote on decisions and annotate documents in real-time on every device.

BoardBookit award-winning board management software is trusted by board directors, executive leadership, and corporate secretaries worldwide for unmatched security and an intuitive board portal experience. When you are tired of doing board business the old way, BoardBookit.

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BoardBookit Reviews | KITO

“ The team at BoardBookit is wonderful. I found the software very easy to use. I really like that I am able to assign access to documents to all necessary parties in our organization. Our personnel are world wide and this provides one stop access. ”

Kathy Zimmel

Sr. Executive Assistant


Powerful Board Management Tools Engineered with You in Mind

Enjoy one central easy-to-use secure board portal platform for the creation and distribution of board materials. With a focus on constant innovation and fortified security, administering your board has never been easier.

  • Board Meeting Management, Scheduling & Attendance
    Create board meetings in minutes and sync to your organizations’ calendar with one click. Poll directors for availability, suggest dates / times and monitor attendance responses on a clean, elegant dashboard.

  • Create, Manage & Collaborate on Electronic Board Books
    Drag-and-drop technology allows you to build electronic board books with ease. Collaborate on agendas and meeting minutes via Discussions. Changes update instantly across all platforms and devices for a seamless experience.

  • Publish News & Announcements
    Need to get information out to the Board fast? Quickly post a press release, announcement, or just a one-line update.

  • Manage Members & Board Rosters
    Search users and filter by group before exporting for external uses. Adding/deleting, resetting passwords, and including executive assistants help to make your tasks easy to accomplish. Include important information on user profiles for comprehensive rosters and message users with reminders.

  • Permissions
    Control the ability to print, download, and annotate documents. Set 3 levels of granular permissions for agenda items, document folders, polls, financials, and more. Set options on voting ballots and manage results and reporting. Manage and purge comments in Discussions.

  • Securely Manage & Archive Board Documents
    Remotely wipe data if a device is lost, stolen, or compromised. Store documents in one central repository for simple and controlled access with military-grade encrypted eSignature technology that provides legal audit trails. Un-publish or delete materials based on internal schedule and requirements.
  • Integrated Board Meeting Minutes
    Import existing agendas or create a new agenda with templates. Record meeting minutes directly in our platform and send minutes to directors electronically for instant approval.

  • Voting & Board Resolutions
    Streamline the decision making process with easy and flexible ballot creations and security permissions. The adjustable and comprehensive reporting feature allows admins to view resolutions by member, count, or percentage.

  • Enhanced Reporting
    Track attendance. Create detailed voting reports. Poll and survey members on important board business. Set custom profile fields for board and committee members. Export all reports via spreadsheet.

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Secure, Simpler Communication and Information Access for Board Members

No more binders, paper, pdfs or emails to search! BoardBookit makes it easy to move to a paperless board room. BoardBookit offers board portal solutions that enhance your board membership so you can focus on what matters most.

  • Virtual Board Meetings
    RSVP to upcoming meetings, access past meetings and minutes, and vote on proposed meeting dates to help your board administrator schedule future meetings.

  • Communicate and Collaborate
    In your searchable directory, easily locate members of the board or other unique committees/groups. View their profiles, contact information, and more. Message individual board members, committees, or the entire board with the tap of a finger.

  • Electronic Board Books
    Better, more usable board books with a rich suite of tools allowing you to read, annotate, print and email documents. Board book documents are always available and up to date.
  • Secure Document Storage
    Access all board reference materials, committee folders, and more in our easily-navigable and searchable Documents and Resources section.

  • Presentation Mode
    No more asking board members to open a document or jump to a specific page. Everyone in your meeting will be in sync, following along on their devices as board book documents are presented.

  • eSignatures
    eSignatures in BoardBookit are a secure and efficient way to sign documents and have the same legal standing as handwritten ones.

  • Voting & Board Resolutions
    Making decisions in an out of the boardroom is easy with secure, electronic voting. Cast your vote with a variety of ballot options including checkboxes, radio buttons, paragraph areas, and more. View results for a transparent approach to approvals.

  • News and Announcements
    Stay up-to-date by viewing time-sensitive information in between meetings such as monthly newsletters, press releases, letters from the CEO, and more right from the dashboard of your BoardBookit app.
  • Multiple Boards Single Sign-On
    For directors who serve on multiple boards, simply use a toggle switch to navigate between boards. View news, announcements, and notifications for each board separately. Use calendar sync for optimal organization and multiple board engagement.

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Unlike other systems that charge a license fee per user, BoardBookit offers unlimited users and groups, so you can all work together without the extra costs and distractions.

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