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BoardBookit Voting and resolutions is a critical tool for making impactful decisions during and in between regularly scheduled board meetings. Enhanced voting capabilities were designed from collaborative efforts from our customers’ needs.

BoardBookit understands unique voting scenarios across diverse industries in order to be flexible enough to manage loan committees, simple polls, Unanimous Written Consent, and many other types of votes. Administrators have the ability to create various ballot options, set security permissions, and adjust results reports from the innovative board portal platform.

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Board of Directors Voting Software | BoardBookit
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“ The BoardBookit software is a ‘must have’ for any organization that has a board of directors. It saves companies time and money, and makes serving on a board a whole lot easier. ”

Rich Lunak

President and CEO

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Powerful Board Management Tools Engineered with You in Mind

BoardBookit Voting streamlines the decision-making process for board administrators with easy and flexible ballot creation and security permissions. Our exclusive adjustable and comprehensive reporting features allow board administrators to view resolutions in the best way for their organization.

  • Flexible Voting Ballot Options
    BoardBookit Voting allows for 4 different types of ballot creation including checkboxes, radio buttons, text boxes, and paragraph responses.

  • Set Voting Permissions
    Choose voting populations by individual, committee, or individuals within a committee.

  • Document Attachment Capabilites
    For votes that require documentation, administrators have the ability to attach supporting documents to the voting ballot to centralize information and simplify board resolutions.

  • Adjustable Results Report
    Allow voting members to see results specifically by a member, by count and/or percentage, or restrict members from viewing any results.

  • Search Capabilities
    Archived ballots and results are easily accessible by searching for the ballot name.

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Secure, Simpler Communication and Information Access for Board Members

BoardBookit Voting allows for board business resolutions to be made from any device in and out of the boardroom. Flexible voting options, the ability to view supporting documents, and paragraph responses enable seamless decision-making.

  • Efficient Voting Ballot Options
    Voting is easy with checkboxes and radio buttons. Make decisions quickly with a tap of a finger from any device.

  • Paragraph Style Responses When Clarification is Needed
    When voting on board resolutions requires more explanation, text boxes and paragraph options are available for further commentary.

  • Documents When and Where You Need Them
    Easily view attached supporting documentation when voting requires document approval. Documents are attached directly to the voting ballot to ensure you have the information you need when you need it most.

  • Adjusted Results Reporting
    Board members can view voting reports by individual, count, or percentage when enabled by their board administrator.

  • Vote Anytime, Anywhere, From Any Device
    Board decision making is placed at the tips of your fingers in and out of the boardroom. Our full-featured application allows for Voting on the web, iPad, iPhone, and all Android devices.

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Board of Directors Voting Software | BoardBookit

Unlike other systems that charge a license fee per user, BoardBookit offers unlimited users and groups, so you can all work together without the extra costs and distractions.

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