Board Surveys Streamlined Administration and Reporting

BoardBookit Surveys is a secure solution for streamlining board surveys, D&O questionnaires, complex board assessments, and more for improved governance. Fully integrated tools allow for easy survey creation and deployment saving organizations time and money during the survey process.

  • Create unique and personalized governance surveys with drag-and-drop technology, multiple question structures, and comprehensive answering options.
  • Powerful templates for D&O Questionnaires, Board Assessments and Conflict of Interest Surveys aid in compliance and governance efforts when your organization does not have existing forms.
  • Set permissions for survey editing and viewing capabilities, view survey statuses, manage answers, and send automated notifications for survey completion dates.

  • Analyze results and gain immediate insights in real time with enhanced reporting capabilities.

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Board Surveys | BoardBookit
BoardBookit Board Surveys, Questionnaires and Assessments

Personalized Board Surveys at Your Fingertips

Dealing with outdated, disorganized, and redundant questions on routine governance surveys? BoardBookit Surveys allows for the seamless completion of D&O questionnaires, conflict of interest surveys, and other board assessments at any time, anywhere, from any device.

  • Utilize the split-screen view to monitor survey progress while the guided survey suite allows for easy navigation.

  • Move seamlessly across devices by saving your current location in the survey, exit, and return for completion at another time.

  • Review completed surveys in PDF form and securely sign with military-grade eSignatures, and easily submit for reporting purposes.

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“ Boardbookit is a web-driven software that offers efficient and confidential communication with our board members. Once a user is established, I don’t have to coach anyone on how to use the software. We love the confidentiality BoardBookit provides to our sensitive communications. It is also easy to add or delete members and set them up in different groups. If a communication needs to go to just one particular group, I can merely select that group, and only that group will have access to the communication. Agendas and board meeting books are easy to set up for any confidential documents that need to be available prior to any meeting. ”

“ The customer service is phenomenal! Each time I have a question, BoardBookit responds within minutes. We like the product so much that we just signed a contract for another three years. ”

Deanna B.

Executive Assistant to the Board of Trustees

Get One Unified Solution with BoardBookit

BoardBookit is a secure board portal software, architected by corporate governance professionals to transform the way companies engage and collaborate with their board. By providing a unified solution for preparing and managing board meetings, file sharing, electronic voting, eSignatures and more, companies increase efficiency and save time. Trusted by more than 10,000 board members worldwide, BoardBookit ensures a streamlined and persistent partnership between organization executives and their board of directors.

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