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Real-Time Collaboration for Secure Board of Director Communication

Essential Tools for Optimal Boardroom Collaboration

Communication and collaboration are important to every industry at the board level. BoardBookit secure discussions software promotes seamless communication which directly contributes to the success of any company. BoardBookit users can collaborate with live discussions on agenda items and documents during and in between board meetings.

BoardBookit secure discussions software prepares directors and allows them to provide more valuable guidance to the organizations they serve. Good governance portals require more than providing secure documents storage but should facilitate secure collaboration.

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“ I have had a good experience with BoardBookit and customer support is great if needed. I can easily make changes to the materials and send/or not send a notification. Very user friendly. ”

Kara Meairs

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Secure Collaboration Tools that Streamline Board Communication

Real-time collaboration in the BoardBookit Discussions platform feature eliminates the security risks of communicating sensitive information through email. View and participate in discussions from any device inside and out of the boardroom with unparalleled ease.

  • Securely Manage Communication
    View, participate in, and delete collaboration sessions for effective information sharing in and out of the board room.

  • Activate Discussions
    Turn discussion functionality on and off when document collaboration is needed.
  • Purge Discussions
    Purge discussions when a collaboration session has ended or purge all discussions from BoardBookit secure discussions software platform.

  • Delete Comments
    Administrators have the ability to delete their own comments or other user’s comments from a secure discussion in BoardBookit.

  • Updated in Real-Time
    All collaboration sessions in Discussions are updated in real time with no need to refresh or synchronize.

  • Message Board Directors & Committee Members
    Send reminders to board members to vote on board resolutions or eSign on key decisions.

  • Publish News & Announcements
    When administrators need to get information out to the Board and committee members fast, they can quickly post the update to the BoardBookit dashboard.
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Secure Discussion Software for Board Directors | BoardBookit Board Portal


Secure, Simpler Communication and Information Access for Board Directors

No more binders, paper, pdfs or emails to search! BoardBookit makes it easy to move to a paperless board room. BoardBookit offers board portal solutions that enhance your board membership so you can focus on what matters most.

  • Collaborate in Real-Time
    Discussions updates in real-time, so board members do not need to refresh their web or mobile applications to view new comments.

  • Communicate Safely & Securely
    Eliminate the security risks of email by holding confidential conversations in the secure messaging channel. When collaboration sessions have ended, administrators can safely purge all comments.

  • Be “In the Know” with Immediate Notifications & Updates
    Board and committee members are always up-to-date on board business with notifications and reminders. Never forget to read, annotate, vote, or sign off on important decisions with efficiency.

  • Delete Your Comments
    Board members can delete their own comments from collaboration sessions with the tap of a finger.

  • Connect on Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere
    Secure Discussions software is available on every device including web, iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and phones so board members can collaborate anytime and anywhere.

  • Simple & Elegant Interface
    Board collaboration is made easy with our simple and intuitive interface. Easily read and contribute to document and agenda item discussions. Utilize the split screen feature to view an annotated document while collaborating with other board or committee members.

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BoardBookit understands the importance of collaboration across boards of directors and the organizations they serve. That’s why we offer unlimited users, groups, and committees to our customers.

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