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BoardBookit is dedicated to supporting organizations’ governance efforts through secure, real-time information sharing and enabling boards and executive teams to connect and collaborate virtually.


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Why choose BoardBookit over ‘older’ players in the board portal sector? Because innovation is greater than invention. BoardBookit has changed the Governance space. It is more than a collection of features, it is powerful, simple and easy to use.

Manage Membership Rosters

Keep track of board directors, committees and important information such as term limits, contact info, special interests and more.

Secure Critical Information

Feel confident that your board information is secure with high levels of encryption, role based permissions, multiple levels of admins and two-factor authentication.

Simplify Board Management

Drag and drop functionality, inline pdf conversion and one-click document replacement means that dealing with clunky technology is a thing of the past.

Approvals & E-Signatures

Get approvals in between meetings by sending resolutions through BoardBookit and allowing your directors to sign electronically.